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About Bloomfield Networks ( BFN )

If you’re looking for reliable and efficient IT services, Bloomfield Networks is here. Founded in February 2018 by Andrew Schear, Bloomfield Networks offers a wide range of services.

Including Managed IT services, IT compliance, Cybersecurity, Multi-Site IT Management, Office Moves / Opening New Offices, Day-to-Day IT Management, Outsourced CTO Services, and Technology advisory

Notable Achievements

BFN has done several things well, like helping a client with 500 cellular seismic sensors. They did this by using a site-to-site VPN tunnel. The company also helped in the IT integration of a $200 million acquisition by a public company. BFN has also rebuilt the wired/wireless network of a major Times Square venue and provided outdoor Wi-Fi to numerous outdoor concerts in New York City.

Additionally, Bloomfield Networks recovered a critical Amazon Web Services account that was locked behind two-factor authentication that the company no longer had access to, and migrated a prominent New York firm to a new legal billing system that automated significant manual work and created new efficiencies.

Mission and Values

BFN’s mission is to be excellent in every area that they touch. They work tirelessly to deliver the results their clients need, often under tight deadlines. They also help their clients navigate GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and pending privacy/cybersecurity legislation.

Geographic Reach

Based in New Jersey, Bloomfield Networks works with clients in New York and surrounding states as well. With years of experience and devotion, they are a trusted partner in the IT industry.

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Bloomfield Networks

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