Why Optimize your website?

Around 4.3 Billion people around the world use Google everyday.

About 85% of users googles local stores and businesses like yours.

One of the quickest ways to rank higher on Google is by optimizing your website.

Three Quick Ways To Optimize Your Website

1. Caching

Why do you cache a website? Caching a website makes it easy to retrieve data, which helps devices run faster.

What is caching?  A Cache is a temporary storage area in a website.

How can I clear the cache on my website? There are many caching plugins out there free and paid ones.

For example, LiteSpeed Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, etc.



2. Media Memory

The more media your website has, the slower the website takes to load!

An easy way to improve your load time and memory usage is by compressing your media manually or with a plugin.

There are plenty of image optimization plugins out there but the ones we recommend are Smush, Imagify & Shortpixel

3. CDN ( Content Delivery Network )

CDN is a set of website servers distributing website content all around the world despite location.

Why should you use a CDN? In 2022 almost every website online relied on a CDN to serve their content to users all around the world.

The benefits of having a CDN is having better performance, increased reliability, cost savings, and resilience against cyberattacks.

Quickest CDN Solution? Cloudflare, Google Cloud CDN, Image CDN by Jetpack


The quickest way to optimize your website is by clicking here